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The Ultimate Valentines Video.

WIN. Advertisements

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Let’s Talk About Love.

David recorded a song for  Build-A-Bear, a children’s charity which goes for downloads today. Proceeds from the song will go to the Save the Children fund. Only David can make a song that cheesy amazing.  i love this guy. and … Continue reading

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20th (belated) birthday, Hh’s Farewell Dinner

Okay i know my birthday was 3 months ago -.- but….my lovely housemates celebrated it for me last month (1 month ago i know.) and im just blogging abt it now…yeeah. lol. Anywayyy, im not even gonna memalukan myself by … Continue reading

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I loveeeeeeee the feeling of not having any darn quizzes, lab reports and a stack of untouched assgmts bothering me at the back of my head. Of course its just for today since its gonna start all over again tomorrow … Continue reading

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Hmm.Public hols doesnt feel like public hols nowdays. Dont wanna study dy lah. sigh. *Drags herself to her notes..*  -.-

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And she returns.

So…yeah. Bye (dead) Blogger blog, Hi wordpress. Haha. Anywayy, this is an attempt to revive my blogging er..habit?Hopefully i don’t fail miserably. oh!I baked a cake today! Orange cake. In UCSI. In Lab.Using corn flour, not low-protein flour. And it … Continue reading

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