A Moment In Time

8th April 2009

I have come to term this day as D-Day. D DAY I’ve been waiting for since we first knew the exact date he would be here. And after days and weeks of hectic preparations, late nights and countdowns, finally 8th April arrived. and yes, i did manage to sleep the previous night ok haha. In fact, I woke up and felt pretty calm in the morning to my surprise..and it felt like an otherwise normal day, just beside the fact that David’s gonna be here…oh yeah..nothing to squeal about right? HAHA.  Anyway, i forced myself to read a few pages of notes..unbelievable. That discipline definitely came from above LOL. Ok yada yada, after preparing and stuff, I left and headed to uni to catch the bus to KTM.

As I was waiting for the shuttle bus to arrive, i got a call from my phone. It was Kylie. and the next thing i knew, i found out from Kylie that we (Kylie and i) were invited to Sri KDU by the school’s principal the next day for David’s visit. oh.my.heck.  Of course, i couldnt like spaz or fangirl infront of everyone but i was squealing with glee inside. This was SO unexpected. What happened was Jun Hou from AAM was from Sri KDU and mentioned abt AAM to Mrs.Chan(the principal) who is a BIG, BIG fan herself. And she was so nice to extend two invites to us, i was like..”THANK YOU LORD.” Anyway,after i manage to calm down abit, made my way to KL Sentral to meet up with Lily who just came back from Australia that morning.

We waited for Joyce and finally met up with her at the bus terminal, hopped on the KLIA Coach and we were off to KLIA. We sat there, talked a while but we knew, butterflies were flyingggggggg in our stomach. There was a sense of excitement, anticipation, nervousness. We were gonna meet many AAM-ers for the first time, don’t need to mention the fact we’re gonna finally see Mr.DA with our own eyes. I tried to sleep a little during the journey, while hearing Hitz and they were still making last minute announcements about the arrival on air lol. and then, finally, we reached. Searched for Burger King because that’s where the AAM-ers were suppose to meet.

When we reached there, there were already a few AAM-ers who was already there waiting. I greeted them and it was so nice to finally put faces to the names i’ve been seeing all this while online.  lol there was this group of young girls who were sitting together…the first thing they asked me and Lily, “ARE YOU GUYS GONNA MEET HIM?” LOL. I’m like..”errrr.” and quickly looked away pretending I was looking for someone haha. I had to, i couldnt tell anyone about the M&G thing on Friday. and Lily was like, “er yeah” because she thought they meant as in SEE him which they will later when he arrives lah. HAHA. ok nvm those girls.

Then we went scouring for food and then took pictures and stuff..Ok, fast forward to when Kylie arrived with the AAM’s shirts and we handed them out,got changed and we all made our way to the arrival gate where the group of AAM-ers hung around together behind a barricade, waiting for the man to arrive. While waiting, we practised singing TMH, as we decided to sing to him when he arrives. So we started practicing and i was forced coaxed to lead lol and people started staring hahahaha! But it was waay fun.

lol. funny how i still had time to remember to camwhore.


Anyway, while waiting, there were a couple of false alarms. i think 3, 4 or more times? -.- and each time people thought he had arrived, they went crazyy and the security had to give us (as in generally everyone there) some stern look and words. Especially once, when there was a group of people who arrived and were leaving but were blocked because people were swarming the entrance area, thinking D was in that group.

LOLL. Garang punya guard. This was after we kena halau from the barricades where were standing initially.


We weren’t suppose to stand behind the barricades where we were initially because it was for the hotel pickup thing, but Shu Yee, being the terra woman she is, negotiated with the security guard there and in the end, we were allowed to stand there because the place where the other ppl were was just plain crowded and messy. So we called the other AAM-ers and we stood our grounds behind the barricade at the right side of the arrival hall. waited..waited…then Jolene came out. And she met him.

She went to Korea for a business trip and purposely booked a flight that reached abt the same time as David’s flight lolll. So after she landed, she waited at the terminal for abt an hour and yes, he arrived and she met him and got a picture with him! the girls were fangirling over her lolllllll. So from jolene’s info, we got to know D was wearing red. a ha! A clue.  So each time someone wearing red appeared, we got a little over-excited -.- but then, we should have known. We did not need to rely on his t-shirt color to recognize him because after what seems like an eternity….there he was.

His face finally appeared as he started walking towards the entrance of the arrival hall and people started screaming and cheering and calling out his name. But it wasnt the screams or shirts that we recognized him. It was his glow.

Please believe me okay when i say he glows. I’m not imagining it. i’m not being biased believe it or not. I’m not being delusional. and im not crazy. nor blind. I CAN SEE HE GLOWS. and youtube, tv, pictures do NOT, i repeat do NOT capture that glow. you think all those supermodels have crazy good skin? His skin beats them all, hands down. for real ok. from far, you can recognize him because he just stands out among everyone. all you need to do is see him with your own 2 eyes to know what i say is true.

Where was i? oh yes he glows. so yes omgosh. I finally saw him in person for the first time with my two own eyes.  I don’t know what to say. *insert fangirl/spazzing emoticon here?* I dont know.my mind went kinda blank after that for a while. oh wait. I was busy being fascinated by that glow. Then,  I don’t know how to further describe this next part because well, things went CRAZYYYY from then onwards.

The crowd just pushed through and went head on towards him. Whoa. But the AAM-ers stood their ground and as much as some of us wanted to run towards him, we all stayed where we were because we made a pact earlier that we WILL behave so we did. instead of joining the mob we started singing TMH but alas, we were drowned by the screams hahahaha. When David was coming out of the arrival hall, he saw the group of us by the side with our banner and waved at us with that big signature smile. John, the super videoman, manage to catch this on video woot! And even as he was making his way through the mob, he was STILL smiling!



See what I mean? He never stops smiling. gosh. oh and jeremy yeo is justine’s brother btw.with a super canggih camera.lol.

After security failed to being him thru the crowd, they gave up and brought him back inside the arrival hall and lolll Ray (the tour manager) and the guards were discussing how they were gonna leave. Then someone from AAM started singing Crush haha! And the rest of us followed. We sang. loudly. and he heard us 😀

David was inside the hall in a secure area with Ray and the guards and all and they were most probably discussing how to get D out without him being pounced upon.


lolll i find this picture amusing for some reason..


In the end, they brought david towards another VIP exit as there was just NO way he could come out again without being mobbed. As he was led away, he looked and waved back again with that big smile..ok AND THEN..people started running. yes running looking for the exit where he is going through. Then the few girls who were carrying the banner started running upstairs because apparantly we were told the exit was upstairs by one of the guards? so WHOOSH those girls started running flying and then I started running.

yes, me. running. in an airport. I don’t know what exactly possesed prompted me to start running. Whether it was trying to catch D or just chasing after the girls or it was just pure reflex+adrenaline? weird. Anyway, Lily and kavidha accompanied me. LOL. I wasn’t really running though anyhow because due to my oh-so-good stamina level (so much for going gym twice a week-.-), I kinda walked halfway after that..the girls with the banner was in front and oh boy, i dont know where they get all their energy from. They were like energizer bunnies.

Anyway, in the end, none of us found him lahh. By the time we gathered back downstairs, he was long gone..so, we caught our breath…and started spazzing. The most common sentence from everyone, “OMGOSH HE GLOWSSSSS” see. im not imagining. WE are not imagining. We hung around for quite abit..chit chatted and fangirled over jolene sumore lol, transferred vids and pics to Lily’s laptop,took group pictures, etc.

The few of us who came to KLIA..


Huong, from Vietnam passed us some gifts.. so sweet of her. Then some of them bid their goodbyes and Joyce, Lily and I were the last to leave besides Debra who was waiting for her aunt. John gave us a lift back to Mid Valley where Joyce’s dad fetched me and Lily back to Angkasa. By that time, it was about midnight but no time for sleeping. We rested a while, washed up and then started editing and uploading videos from the airport to youtube to put up on AAM. Went to bed at about 4+ and had to wake up at abt 8 the following morning.

9th April 2009

I woke up at about 8+, got ready and left for KTM station again at about 9+. Was supposed to meet Kylie at the Kelana Jaya LRT station at 11 and i was late by 20 mins (sorrryyy kylie ><) oh btw, LRT rocks. seriously. At least it feels like it rocks after taking ktm for years. Anyway,after meeting up with Kylie at Kelana Jaya, we had to figure our way out to Sri KDU..oh boy. no easy task. Kylie printed out the map but we still had a hard time finding it lol..finally after some u-turns, calls, and lotsa map analyzing, we reached Sri KDU. woah. beeyootiful school alright. As nice or even better than some colleges even -.-

We went into the Admin office to find Mrs Chan, and while waiting met up with Jun hou. We were led to the Guest room where there was food prepared but we didn’t eat..just hung around and after a while, Mrs Chan came out and greeted us warmly. Very nice and friendly lady. So after that, was the part we do alot…wait. I think we waited for abt an hour or so..while waiting for D to arrive, Kylie did some videotaping..i took pictures..and went on a Pac Mee (msian version of twitter, introduced to us by Sony) spree lol. There were alot of posters up on the classroom windows.


The AAM banner makes its way to Sri KDU 😀


Walked around abit..some Sony ppl was there and we said hi to Dawn and she asked how we manage to be here lol. I’m sure by now she thinks we’re like hardcore stalker dedicated fans or stg. Then we finally went and ate something at the guest room and then we were led upstairs to the function room where David was suppose to come and take group pictures later with the PTA, students, VIPs, etc.  I scanned around the function room..there were pictures of D plastered over the wall and board..Hm..good preparation Sri KDU.  Still a long time more for D to arrive, so Kylie and I walked around..We bumped into JJ & Ean haha. Ean looked fairer than i thought. Thenn finally it was almost time for him to arrive..kylie and i positioned ourselves at the balcony above the entrance hall so we can take pics/videotape his arrival..and then FINALLY he arrived.

A white van drove into the compound and there were all those primary kids from the primary Sri KDU compound next door that gathered and screamed their lungs out by their school gate lol. He’s finally here..my heart was racing because, dude. this was the first time im going to see him UPCLOSE. The airport one doesn’t count. It was a “saw you from the distanceee saw u from the barrierrsss” kinda thing. So yes, this was exciting. VERY exciting. He had already came out from his van but we couldnt see him yet..and then..THEN…this GLOWING (yes, you’ll be seeing this word alot) figure appeared. Wearing a dark green shirt with jeans and he started walking across the arrival hall towards the function room upstairs where we were. I took pictures like mad and pac mee-ed at record speed. If only i reply sms-es this fast everytime HAHA.


Then Kylie and i had to rush inside the function room as D was arriving any minute. butterfliesssssssssssssss. this time we didnt have to wait long lol. The door opened after we were inside and a few peoople came in and then..there he was.

DAVID. He walked into the room, again with the same beaming smile I have seen a million times, looked at us and waved and then he looked at the board with his pics plastered on it lol.


Greeted Mrs Chan, the teachers and some of the other VIPs present..then he was hurried to start the group pictures. oh my heck. I was in the same room as David Archuleta. I think that was what i was thinking. oh wait. maybe i wasn’t thinking anything cos my mind might have just went POOF! after that. But hey, i still manage to catch a couple of pics so maybe it was still partially functioning after all. As he was preparing to take the group pictures with a couple of students, this super-quick-as-lightning girl who was infront of him quickly gave him a BIG hug lolll. But he wasnt fazed..I think he encountered this like 394434039 times already? lol. Instead, he gently hugged her back aww. he security had to pry her away lolll. Then it was the group pictures..once in a while, the kids wud try to pass him things to sign and stuff..and each time he did it with a smile on his face. Kylie and I were in the PTA group picture lol and we were the last group.




After the group picture, a few ppl quickly greeted him and i wanted to say hi also (duh) but i wasnt really in the right frame of mind i guess..he was sitting on the couch and i was standing behind him but he was talking to someone on his left..so i walked towards the left, wanting to go around the couch to the front and then there was this two security guys all dressed in black that just STARED at me okay when i started making my way towards him. Maybe they thought i was gonna pounce on him or stg. Anyway, i quickly turned back the other way, not because of the security la k but because D had finished talking to that person and he turned back to where i was previously standing -.- Then kylie who was already standing there previously, quickly took the chance and stretched out her and and introduced herself,

Kylie: Hi David, I’m Kylie from Archuleta Avenue Malaysia and…

David :  OHHhh Heyyy!  (i’ll never forget that familiar tone in his voice. It totally warmed my heart. )

Kylie : ..and this is Anne..

He stretched out his hand for a handshake and i stretched out mine and we shook hands. I shook his hand. Ok, i told myself, anne..stay calm. F.o.c.u.s. But not that i had much time to digest what just happened because the next second, we were ushered to leave the room as David has some press to do.


So off we went to the hall where all the students were waiting..JJ & Ean was there to keep the crowd occupied..he got students to sing, etc etc. Then they started to talk about the results of the competition. The thing is, Sri KDU did not receive a confirmation  on whether they won the hitz fm contest yet..eventhough they were told to prepare. JJ & Ean got a student to read a letter that stated they got 2nd place and then u can just hear moaning and cries of despair LOLLL. I obviously knew what was going on but the students didnt..

Then jj or ean(can’t remember who) got the student to read the letter further and at the end of it the student read.., “GOTCHA!” and then there were screams and shrieks of joy lol. ALTNOY music started playing in the background and David appeared and walked towards the stage from the side of the hall..and no mobbing this time because the teachers acted as barricades hahahaha. Needless to say, everyone went nuts. The screams PIERCED my ears.  David greeted the students and the screams just went on and on…so did the pushing..I’m surprised i didn’t end up as turkey sandwich there and then.

Two student reps went up to the stage to ask David a few questions like a mini interview kinda thing and before that, he was concerned about the younger students upfront who were being squashed or pushed and he asked the students to becareful because he didnt want anyone to get hurt. aww. he’s just sweet. However, that didnt really work because the moment he starts talking, they just get all the more excited lol. So after failed attempts by David and JJ & Ean to stop the pushing, Mrs Chan had to come on stage, give them a stern warning and got them all to SIT. so finally, they were under control, abit. Then it was time for D to start singing.


Now this was just a really, really memorable moment for me.

It was the first time ever I’m going to hear him sing live, hear it with my own ears..After all the countless youtubes and what not over the past 1 year, I can finally hear his beautiful voice with my own 2 ears. The intro of Crush started playing..and he started singing “I hung up the phone tonight..” oh my gosh. now i know what they mean. Being a fan for over a year, I have heard/read COUNTLESS times how those who had seen and heard him in person said that his voice MUST be experienced and heard live. TV does not capture it. Youtube does not capture it. Video does not do it justice. You have to hear it for yourself. and at that moment, I can finally relate to what they have been saying all along. I wish i could have soaked in every minute of that voice but i was recording..but i told myself that i will not record anything during the showcase but make sure instead i’ll just soak in everything on saturday, so for now, i sacrifice first lol. After he sang Crush, he sang ALTNOY which was needless to say, another amazing performance.

Especially the glory notes at the bridge…KILLERRRR. and before i knew it, it was over. he sang only 2 songs..oh and halfway in the performance i bumped into michelle LOLL. I didnt realise she was studying in Sri KDU and we were like “EHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” and started fangirling together HAHAH. After the performance, David thanked the school and some students went up to give him this humongous teddy bear, wearing the Sri KDU uniform as a gift lol. D gave some advice on studies and encouraged the students to keep on striving in their studies and then he waved and bid goodbye and was led away quickly to the exit..then it was over.

Phew,i was sweating and my ear drums were..eh? not ringing surprisingly. We went to the arrival hall and bumped into JJ & Ean again lol. This time we said hi and told them we were from AAM. they offered to take a picture with us and were very nice, friendly folks.


The Hitz morning crew producer who was there, asked us how we knew Sri KDU won since it was suppose to be a surprise lolll. As we were leaving, we bumped into Adrian from Sony on the way out and had a little chat with him and after that we were off. On the way back, things started to sink in..and i started spazzing in Kylie’s car hahahaha. She dropped me off at the LRT station and eventhough i was suppose to go back straight to Klang, i had to go back to cheras because i msged Wun too late to help bring my stuffs back.  So i had to get back to get my notes and everythg..so..loll..from cheras to kelana jaya to damansara carrying my laptop, then back to cheras then at night i went back to klang. by ktm. craziness. the things this guy makes me do seriously. But at the end of the day, it was all worth it. There was a big smile on my face.

Continued in Part II.

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