Hello February

A month ago we were bidding farewell to a great year and welcoming the start of a new one with open arms. And now, one month of this new year came and passed. January was a pretty good month for me. Nothing really super happening or eventful..Most of the days i slept at 2-3 am and woke up at 1-2 pm LoL. Yeah i love the ‘holidays’.

In terms of my ohsodreadfulthesis, i haven’t made much progress but i had some great times meeting up and catching up with good friends and also hearing and receiving from His word – especially two of the Sundays this month in which Ps Kenneth shared about the power of speech and resolutions. Until now,i can still remember clearly what those messages were about and by His grace, i am trying to apply and practice that in my life and in doing so, grow from faith to faith, from strength to strength.

One thing i’ve to note is the job hunt that i’ve been on this past month as well. Jobstreet,classifieds,university,etc..i’ve been looking and praying for a good place at a good company for my 4 month internship. The hunting part isn’t too bad.In fact,most times, i find it to be pretty interesting..you know,reading the job description and stuff. But the waiting part is no fun at all.And i guess its always like that isnt it? It’s the waiting part that makes us feel helpless and impatient..but i shall wait, with faith!  Also, thank God for some clarity and sense of direction He’s given me as well. When i got a job offer from GNC as a Nutritionist, i seriously pondered if i should take up the offer. Good pay, workplace is like..5 minutes from my place..but after much thought and prayer, I decided that this wasn’t the line i wanted to be in. And before this,i was still so unsure of what i wanted to do. But now i have a sense of direction. I don’t feel as aimless anymore and i know Clearly what i want to do. And praise Him for that!

I would say 2010 didn’t start off with a bang. But it started off good. And even perhaps, great. Trusting Him that this will be a great year ahead and a fruitful one!

p/s – i always tell myself to keep it short but my fingers has a mind of its own.sorry.

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3 Responses to Hello February

  1. Daryl Wong says:

    Hi Anne,

    All the best in your job hunting. I like your attitude and never give up spirit.
    Please do let us know how we can be of assistance to find and secure your dream job.

    Thank You

    Staff of Jobstreet.com

  2. Anne says:

    Hi Daryl! Wow i’m surprised to see your comment here lol. Thank you for dropping by and the word of encouragement..Still waiting and hoping (:

  3. Matt says:

    Hi Anne,

    All the best in everything you do. I like your attitude and never give up spirit.
    Please do let me know if I can be of any assistance in anyway possible to be the best cousin there is in the whole wide world.

    Much love,

    Crazy Cousin from Malaysia.

    PS: Hahahaha!

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