In awe.

Should be getting ready for bed soon but am just compelled to write this following a devotional time earlier. Being reminded of His great love. And this thought just came to me..of how loved i am. To put it in perspective, this was what came to my mind.

He is the Almighty God.The One who created the Earth.The sun.the Moon.the Stars.the planets.our solar system.our galaxy.the entire universe.,me,US – we’re ordinary human beings in ONE planet in ONE galaxy out of the thousands or millions out there.

And it makes me realise..MAN.we must be like..microorganisms to Him,you know what i mean? You know the cartoon, Horton Hears A Who? We are like the people of Whoville – So small,so fragile,so…insignificant when we see everything else He created.

To put it in perspective,we are like the people of Whoville in that cartoon – a speck. and yet,yet..He knows us by name.He knows our dreams,fears,desires and thoughts.He hears our every prayer,our every cry.He helps us even with the pettiest things (praying for parking space?Pretty sure we’ve done that before). He sees every tear we shed.He calls us…Friend.Son.Daughter.Precious Child. And most of all, He actually lowered Himself down to the form of a human being (microorganisms in relation to the entire universe remember?) and He didn’t stop there,no. But He died for you and me.and not just died,but died a sinner’s death on the cross.And all because..He simply loves us. And that..that just…blows my mind away.How can anyone possibly do that?For someone ‘good’,that is amazing enough.But for sinners?For ordinary people like me. Just..mind blowing.

And sometimes i have to admit,i forget how much i am loved. If only i would just remember that every second of every day,i think i would be a much more joyful,thankful and better person.And i certainly hope that i will learn to remember that more often everyday and not just during devotions because man.This love is just..WOW. It makes me speechless and yet makes me want to gush this entire post out. haha. I hope you will be blessed by this love and come to know it if you have yet to. Because this love will never,ever fail you. Hugs!

Jesus, It’s You, It’s been You

This love You gave, This life You’ve saved.

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