Stepping into the Unknown.

Human beings are funny creatures. Sometimes,we want to know the future – so we can see ahead of time the mistakes and bad decisions we’re going to make and hope to avoid making them and basically have everything going well all the way. On the other hand, where’s the fun in that if we know everything that’s going to happen to us? Life would start to be a bore and more scarily,we will start to rely on ourselves more than Him.

Anyway.haha. I’ve officially started my 4 month long internship starting today. Currently under this company called, Mewah Oils of which i believe most have never heard of.Neither have i actually,until a turn of events led me to know about the existence of this company haha. It’s basically an oil refinery company, specialising in fats and oils and i’m currently placed under the R&D department. So my working place is basically a margarine-scented lab(lol) and my ‘uniform’ for most of the day is a lab coat. The really ironic thing is, i’ve told myself and a number of others how much i dislike working in a lab and NEVER plan to ever work under the R&D line after i graduate. But haha.His ways are higher than mine. When I first got the email from someone at UCSI in charge of emailing the students the various vacancies available at various companies, and i opened the email regarding this particular company, read it and without a second thought..totally crossed it off my mental list because..i was never interested in working in an oil refinery company as well. HAHA yes im fussy i know -.-

But it seems,God had a different plan in mind.This and that led to me eventually having to opt for this job without much choice and as i started doing a little more research, i realised it was actually a very well established but low key company. And after a pretty much disastrous interview i would say, i somehow still got the job, praise Him (:And not only that,He also made sure i didn’t have to go through this whole experience alone.literally.

So,here are my findings for the day:

I am most drowsy at 11-12ish. After 4 months worth of holidays,that would be..normal i assume. Which leads me to my next point..

I need at least 6 hrs of sleep a day for working days from now onwards. *imposes curfew*

I am easily fascinated by good architecture and still not quite used to a working place of mega proportions in terms of land size. (This culture shock could be attributed to my 2 month job at the-bakery-that-shall-not-be-named whose workplace was half the size of my room)

I can’t seem to EVER wear shoes(the working kind,not sneakers) without inflicting blisters on my foot.

You actually get to do sensory evaluation on chocolates and french fries on the first day of work!

You can play tic tac toe or “Find the word within that word” game with your friend to pass time on the first day of work.

I am still getting used to the fact of NOT seeing the computer screen for 11 hours a day.It used to be the other way around way i think.

I begin to feel that famous statement, “Studying life is much better than working life” truly being vindicated.

I am actually glad i got the job. Its a good company with organised plans all laid out regarding what they want to teach trainees like me. Its relevant,good exposure and will certainly look good on my resume. But i guess i am still trying to find my footing. I have to admit, i am scared.Scared because i can’t see myself coping with work and thesis at the same time. Scared because i find the job slightly intimidating and demanding. Scared because,as if the thesis wasn’t enough,there are projects that i will need to do too for work. Scared because i keep thinking to myself, “If only that darn thesis didn’t exist,work would actually be much more enjoyable.” But fact is,it DOES exist. And i don’t know how..but i need to let go of these fears to Him.I need to trust Him,more and more each day.Because only when i fully do,no fear can hold me prisoner.

The next few months is probably (or definitely) going to be the toughest 4 months of this year. But somehow,despite the storm that lies ahead or the darkness that seems to loom, there is that sure voice that reminds me constantly, “He will see you through. Just as He always had in the past.” And i guess, like Pr.Kenneth said, if we can see or calculate something and know that there are no risks or sacrifices involved, that’s not faith. I guess its about time i start living by faith and not by sight. And i need to take a step of faith..into the unknown.

Goodnight dearies and have a great week(or month) ahead.

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4 Responses to Stepping into the Unknown.

  1. Matt says:

    Actually, I know that company.
    It’s a pretty big company.
    A MNC, if I’m not mistaken.
    I had to do a background check on the company for my previous internship.
    All the best with that couz. ❀

  2. Anne says:

    oh!u had to do some accounts stuff for mewah last time? whats MNC btw? XD and thanks couz hehe πŸ˜€

  3. Madeline Kong says:

    It’s getting listed in singapore my dear. Lol. Their holding group is in singapore, and they do have big dreams, part of the group in msia is in semenyih as well, so, looking at the size, it’s HUGE. MNC stands for multi-national companies/corporations. Which in this case, as it is not listed in America or UK or Australia, does not seem to fit the MNC title. But heck, they’re doing pretty well πŸ™‚ Keep it up, i kind of like where you’re working at.

  4. Anne says:

    ohh!yea i know their HQ is at singapore hehe..yeah its a really good starting point i think.thanks for the encouragement gurl! (:

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