That Special Day.

I still remember this day like it was yesterday. The day i finally met face to face, the person who brought so much smiles and through whom I came to know many lovely people in my life today.

How I was so excited,nervous and perhaps feeling every other feeling i possibly could that day. From the moment i got up, got ready, took the train to Pyramid, had lunch with the rest (still amazed i was able to eat that day), waiting by the lift for what seemed like hours to be ushered upstairs, finally going up, waiting outside the room and letting out that not so silent squeal when he finally came up, passed by us and waved hello as he walked into the room. Having a lovely chat with another great guy who turned out to be the events organizer, meeting yvette in person and spazzing out together and then, finally, being led into the room where he was waiting for us. And as we walked towards him, seeing him flash that familiar big smile and extending his hand for a firm handshake and with the most sincere, happy “Heyyy!”Ā  – those moments were nothing short of amazing. Everything else that happened after that only got better. Every second was precious. I wished time could have stopped then and there for just a little while, but we had to leave. As we were leaving, I turned to catch a last glimpse of that glowy face and he once again flashed that big, shy smile as he waved goodbye for the last time.

Lovely, lovely people.



Out of all the 4 days he was here, if i had to choose, i guess this would have been my favourite day. But the next day when i finally got to hear him sing 6 full songs with my own ears and just cleared my mind and enjoyed every note, that was equally the best moments of that crazy week too.

Another top favourite moment of that entire week (:

Its still so hard to believe one full year has flown by just like that. Looking back, i am ever more grateful for those times i had. It had its ups and downs, but every beautiful memory and moment from those times will last a lifetime. And i will be looking back at those times again and again, even years from now.Ā  (:

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7 Responses to That Special Day.

  1. Ikhsan says:

    Anyone up for David Cook? šŸ˜›

  2. Anne says:

    -_- *smacks* (cookie rocks though btw.just that i love archie more baha.and so do YOU šŸ˜› )

  3. Kylie says:

    Ikhsan, Cook is alright but only Archie for me. And Daughtry, if I can find fellow buds to go on similar adventures I went through for Archie. šŸ˜€

    Anne, new home? Ahhh……. supremely blissful yet extremely stressful 4 days of my 2009 life, hahaha. Thanks for the memories, guys & David!

  4. Kylie says:

    One thing I learnt from the Archie Msian experience, dreams come true. More awesome tough, miracles do happen.

  5. Zhoo-steen says:

    I remember telling anyone who would listen the (30 minutes in length) story of meeting David in the flesh!!! I STILL feel like that day was utterly surreal…just another one of my unforgettable dreams. But as Kylie said, dreams DO come true! It was very real…he was very real…and yet so special that it seems ALMOST unreal. But only almost! Cheers to David!!! And AAM!!! ===)))

  6. Ikhsan says:

    @anne, @Kylie: Haha no lah just kidding, I actually dislike Cook, always have šŸ˜› . And woohoo loveeee daughtry tooo!!!! xD *high 5

  7. Anne says:

    oh gosh.i just saw the replies LOL.shows how long i never checked my blog adui -.-

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