Looking back at my life, despite all my ups and downs, despite what I currently have and don’t have, despite my hopes and dreams that are yet to come to fulfillment, I can truly say, I am blessed – Blessed in ways or little things that i might have missed or took for granted, blessed through words of encouragement and acts of kindness that may have sometimes gone unnoticed or forgotten, blessed simply by having the God of unwavering love,grace and mercy watching over me and loving me each day. Yes, I am blessed. Don’t ever forget that Anne. And don’t ever forget who Your God is. He is good. So,so infinitely good.

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Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

2009 has been an amazing year for me. And it will definitely be one of my favourite years of my life.Here are some highlights of 2009 for me (those that i can remember at this particular moment at least. I might also mix up some of the timeline but heck,i feel old already anyway :P)


– Fresh off the 2-month nightmare of internship at Cold Storage, headed back to uni for a brand new semester.It was the final semester of my 2nd year and I can barely (actually can’t at all) remember the subjects I took but it was one of the HARDEST and most torturing semester i’ve had in UCSI. But once again, by His grace, He saw me through and i came out victorious. =)

– Had my FIRST outing with all of the AAM Mods along with Joyce and Eunice.Was also the first time i got to met a few of them in person after forming AAM (: Sweet times,sweet times indeed.

Becky, my pet dog of 14 years, passed away while i was at Cheras.Sometimes I hear the neighbour’s dogs barking and still think that it’s her,forgetting that she’s no longer here. i still miss her.


– CNY! Met my crazy cousins again after they were back from Aussie (:


Ran for my life from an imaginary fire. But not without taking my laptop with me first!

– Redeemed Rally! The last CF rally i’ll ever be involved in,sadly.


– One of, if not, the most exciting,happening and crazy month in the entire year. April 8-11 will never be the same for me. In the span of this 4 days, I was blessed enough to meet,greet,shake the hand,take a picture,and hug the guy who’s had such a tremendous impact on my life. The guy who brought much joy,smiles and laughter, and best of all,the amazing friends I would not have gotten to know without him. It was the week I met David in person. The week i got to hear him sing with my own ears. The week that he took a picture with about a hundred AAM-ers as a group. That was a week i’ll never forget. As crazy as it was to plan everything, and as much as it hurts having to see the true colors of other people you have regarded as your friends, it was worth it in the end.


Start of the final year in UCSI. And the beginning of the nightmare,that is the Thesis that comes along with the semester.


– First time I took such drastic actions to eliminate a moth. With the help of a few friends.


– Bid farewell to the 2nd home in Cheras where I’ve stayed for the past 1.5 years.

– CF Camp! The last one i’ll get to join,sadly 😦


1st year Anniversary of AAM. It was hard to believe a year has already flew by since it all started.

Final semester of classroom studies in UCSI.


– Took my very last examination ever and bid farewell to the Exam Hall for good (:

– Went to 2 schools to conduct a survey for the thesis. Children are so innocent (well,some) and adorable.

– Attended a different church for the first time after 7 years and felt happy there.Learnt a ton and caused me to re-think certain things and making a choice.


– I turned 21! (: And was privileged to celebrate it multiple times with people i love.

– Went on a roadtrip to Malacca with lovely people and then a holiday to Penang with an amazing family and good friend (: Going to those 2 places i have not been to in AGES within 1 month – that,i feel a sense of accomplishment!lol.


– Had my first encounter with snatch thieves & lost my 2.5 yr old beloved SE phone, along with 3 stitches as a souvenir lol.

– Spent Christmas with good friends and family.

– Being a part of something big, most probably for the last time with these people and in this setting.

– Spending quality time with the crazy cousins i love dearly.From sleepovers to mamaks to lala picture taking, I enjoyed every single moment. And learnt to treasure them even more being reminded that they are the only cousins and relatives i’m close and can connect with.

– Finally making the decision that I have put off for so long and taking that step of faith to believe that this choice I made will help me grow in Him.

– Did not attend Watchnight service for the first time in years lol. Instead,went up to Look Up point with an overview of the whole of KL with 3 friends and welcomed the new year with a bang.


Indeed, it wasn’t all good and happy times. There were plenty of bad experiences, horrid memories and tears of disappointment and regret. I would say that the share of the good and bad times were pretty equal although I seem to be able to recall only more of the good ones (which is a good thing heh). But all in all,2009 has been such a memorable year for me – good or bad. I dare say I’ve grown to be more mature,albeit slightly. But you know what they say, slow and steady wins the race hahaha. But yeah, I’ve come to have a slightly different perspective in how I see things. And also come to learnt that people can change in a matter of time. And i only hope that in 2010, I will be a better person. That I will see things through His perspective and in a more mature, godly manner. To have a better character and attitude towards life and towards people. It is hard, but I hope that as i look back on 31st December 2010, I will be able to say, “Thank You Lord for all that i’ve learnt and become this year.”

As for 2009, thank You Father for everything! For Your constant love and faithfulness,and EVERY single day that You were with me, through thick and thin. Your mercies are indeed new every morning!

So here’s wishing each and every one of you a very Happy and Blessed New Year! And may 2010 be an even greater year!

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Happy Birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas!

Where did time disappear to, I have no clue lol.

Thank YOU for Christmas. Because of You,we have a hope for the future, a purpose for living, and a reason to celebrate.

We love and give because You first loved us and gave us Your absolute BEST.

Blessed Christmas everyone!

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Updates yo.

Hello. I am getting SOOO bad at this blogging stuff, forgive me.

The past few weeks have been…eventful. I guess that would be the best word to describe it. It’s been nearly 1.5 months since my last exam and the “holidays” began. Yet again, i am in awe at how time slips by like water in our hands. The past few weeks were greatly spent. In a nutshell,the main highlights were:

– Roadtrip to Malacca (More Pics at FB)

– 21st Birthday celebrations (Refer previous post)

– Penang Holiday with awesome people (Still cant remember if i’ve been to penang before -.-)

Had an amazinggg time! Pics are at FB, lazy wanna upload here lol.

– Book Fair (I love sales.Of any kind. But i also hate it because it makes me spend more -_-)

Didn’t manage to get the ones i really wanted but this will do *nods*

And that’s about what i can recall for now. A really good start to the end of the year! Am loving (almost) all of it so far (i think you can pretty much guess what i do not like.) Compared to last year’s, this year end is ..WOW. no comparison lah seriously LoL. Anyway, that’s pretty much it for now. Will TRYYY to update more with upcoming events (:

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Today, I turned 21.

Welcome to adulthood, young (or not-so-young) lady. lol.

Will add more to this post later on. (:

Thank you each and every one of you who wished me,celebrated with/for me, took the time and effort to bless me, even with the simple gestures, it puts a BIG smile on my face and reminds me how blessed I am. God is so good. (:

Edit: 12 days ago I turned 21. However, I am only starting to edit this post due to holiday plans, work, and pure procastination. lol. So I am now officially an adult. With great freedom comes great responsibilities? Lol. Anyway, this year, I’m simply glad and thankful i got to celebrate it with people who matter and not to mention,a couple of times too. Compared to last year’s celebration, in which it was slightly miserable thanks to the stress and cheap labour I had to endure while doing my internship. But amazing friends saved the day for me and made what could have been a totally miserable day to a not-so-miserable day (:

This year, i’m SO glad i did not have to celebrate under similiar circumstances lol. Pics are all up at Facebook.

The first round of celebration was at Fullhouse with my precious AAM-ers.

The second round was a whole day out with the girls at 1U followed by dinner at Ikea. (:

Third round was lunch at Sushi Zanmai, Pyramid + Starbucks + 2012. To further add to that, a very pleasant birthday surprise by a dear friend whom i didn’t expect to be there (:

The fourth round was on the day after the actual day itself. A dinner by Mom at Victoria Station together with relatives. Thanks Mom (:

(Pics are in dad’s camera. Will add later. This was in the toilet so put this first lah HAH.)

And a final round was a mini celebration at Acts’ Homes in which Michelle surprised me with a piece of Choc Indulgence along with a Happy Birthday song and prayer from the rest of the Homies. I was touched and blessed by that simple yet thoughtful gesture.

Dad and relatives gave big,fat angpaos and my brother surprised me with a brand new iPod Nano along with an uber cute necklace and bracelet from his gf lol. 🙂

In these celebrations, I planned to bless these people, thinking that God has given me so much, this is my chance to share His blessings with these people who have loved and given me so much. Instead, I was the one who got blessed at the end of the day. Besides the gifts, free lunches and movie, dinner, etc..It was the time spent with these people that mattered most. It was knowing that despite the sacrifices of time,money,effort that had to be made, they made it out of a generous and giving heart simply to make my day a special one. And that fact reminds me how good He is to have placed such people in my life.

I guess i can finally say i am growing up and learning more, slowly by surely. For in the past, i was distracted by the petty things but i can now truly say that its the people and memories that are most precious. And  to be reminded that i’m alive and well. And i have another day to live, another day to experience His love. Thank You for all You’ve done. For all the years You have seen and sustained me through. For You gave me a purpose, and a reason to celebrate. and because of You, I can face tomorrow!

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The List

Finally got my lazy fingers starting to update lol.

Well the past 2 weeks have been pretty exciting, eventful, nerve wrecking, fun, stressful, crazy days for me. So i guess i’ll just sum the major things up in a list instead of telling grandmother stories or else i’ll never finish lol.

So in the past 2 weeks, I’ve…

– gotten myself to the Yeo’s factory in SHAH ALAM (i drove there from home instead of following the uni bus) eventhough it was actually at PJ due to some miscommunication,confusion and well, blurness. Felt a lil dumbfounded and stupid when i realised we were at the wrong place after happily waiting outside the factory for 10 mins thinking we were early) Moral of the story : Pay attention in class. And do not simply trust 2nd hand information HAHA. I was slightly amused though, really.


– had my very LAST exam ever. said goodbye to the exam hall at UCSI for the final time.for good. i actually looked at the hall abit wistfully as i was leaving. hahahaha.

– had a nerve wrecking paper as some of the calculation questions were killing me and there was insufficient time but God is faithful and its in His hands now (: i want to write alot more on this but..i guess i shall save it for when i have really graduated for good haha.

– went to do the survey for the thesis for the 2nd time, this time at Sri Acmar with Eme’s help(thanks eme!<3).


– FINALLY managed to see eme and iri’s golden retriever pooch, Toffee, who really enjoyed chewing my hand. KFC – Finger lickin gooood. nomnomnom.


– been asked to participate in an experiment that would require me not touching facebook,twitter,msn or any social networking sites for that matter for 3 days. i bargained for 1 day. i ended up asking Justine to do it.

– Met up with amazing people and had lots of fun just hanging out with them and being blessed by their kindness and generosity ❤




Winner of Cutest Toddler of The Year Award.




– Had my FAVOURITE Gloria Jeans’ Chocolate Mint Bomb since i had it AGES ago.and i didn’t even have to pay a single cent. thank You for amazing friends (:


– Spent abt a 100 bucks shopping. Mom is gonna kill me. I hid them in my cupboard for the moment and shall quietly reveal them by wearing it 1 piece at a time, hopefully unnoticed, until i have to wash them.darn. talking of which, Klang people who loves shirts with witty words/patterns ala Threadless style, check out Brands Outlet at Aeon. 3 for RM50 okay!How to expect me to resist?!I bought a yellow one with a picture of a cheese and a macaroni with a heart in the middle of them btw. but you didn’t need to know that. just sayin.

– and……i better stop here.shall continue sometime later this week, i hope (:

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Saw this at Pui Yee’s Blog.

Somehow, things like this really relate to me. I have to admit I am a dreamer at heart. Doesn’t hurt to have dreams does it? What would people be without dreams? And i will continue to have them.

For The Dreamers


“For the ones who look to the sky and imagine the possibilities.  To the ones who look at a pile of discarded garbage on the side of the road, and see art.  To the ones who often feel overwhelmed by the beauty of other people.  To the ones who write, and paint, and think.  To the ones who hate humanity, yet love it to death.  To the ones who feel too strongly and love too deeply.  To the ones who stay up late with heads filled and minds yearning.  To the ones who drink life in and spit it out.  To the ones who see the opportunity to create something new, where others see just another blank canvas.  To the ones who cry and laugh and scream and rejoice.  To the ones who hope and the ones who hold on.

Never stop dreaming.  Never stop hoping and wishing.  Never stop creating and never stop loving.  Never stop screaming.  Never stop feeling.  Never stop searching.  Never stop looking at the sky and marveling at beauty.  Never stop holding on.

For when we do, the world will surely collapse.”

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